I need a part time job that pays $20,000 per week.

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(I was mikasaackerbamf)

welp, FINALLY I have decided to let my account rest, I will not delete my blog (there’s interesting things in here) but I’ll stop using tumblr because it consumed too much of my time and I KNOW that I’ll be better without it 

I don’t regret my time here but i know my life can be more productive if I stop using it and I want to do what’s best for me

also, I’ll keep it with my second (and favorite) url cause it’s a Percy Jackson/Inuyasha reference, and they were (and still are) my favorite book series and anime

anyways, I deleted my sideblogs so you can use any of the following urls now:

-mikasaackerbamf (cause there’s no biger bamf than Mikasa)

-satyrsdontevengetmigraines (ahhh, the good ole days)

-marina-and-the-titans (spoilers d:)




"The gods were glaring at me, but Annabeth had her hands over her mouth. Her eyes were shining. And that kind of made up for it."
— The Last Olympian (via fuckyeahthehawkseye)



I think Hiccup and Astrid are the best animated couple ever.

I love how their relationship isn’t a major plot point for the films. Astrid isn’t there as a reward for the hero, she is also his best friend (next to Toothless of course). She didn’t stop being a warrior after she became a love interest (and Hiccup wouldn’t want her to, he loves her for it).

They talk about their problems. They fight their enemies together. And they trust each other.

Something that I’m just noticing from these gifs. They actually lean their cheeks into the kisses, opposed to just letting the other do all the work.  That’s something actual couples do when they know each other well enough to know it’s coming.  I love this.


"how to perfect the natural, no makeup look"

step 1. you will need these 27 cosmetic products

Andrew and Emma photobombing each other ♥

  • baby: i- i-i-i- i-
  • mother: i love you?? are you saying i love you???tony come quick get the camera
  • baby: i-i- i dont understand why the new up-and-coming meme is a baby saying its first words, because its not really funny per say and it defies the very structure and iota of what a tumblr meme is; a short, chuckleworthy sentence such as ''..................slime man'', ''free him'' or ''i came out tonight to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now'' that can be put after an image post or text post alike. i am wholeheartedly baffled by this whole new meme era and i hope soon that we return to the conventional tumblr meme styles.

Doodle I never quite managed to finish :(


Doodle I never quite managed to finish :(

"We’re coming for you whether the Muggles like it or not, you can’t miss the World Cup, only Mum and Dad reckon it’s better if we pretend to ask their permission first. If they say yes, send Pig back with your answer pronto, and we’ll come and get you at five o’clock on Sunday. If they say no, send Pig back pronto and we’ll come and get you at five o’clock on Sunday anyway."
— one of many reasons why Ron Weasley is the best friend anyone could possibly imagine (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter 3)


I also found this $5 toothless figurine at target and it was already pretty cute but I went “how can I make this even cuter

here’s what the original toothless figurine looked like, pre-painting (I forgot to take before pics so here’s a picture of it from amazon). I also filled in some gaps in his tail with epoxy putty and sanded his edges a little.






reblogging here for that tag.  always be wary of people who don’t respect your space.  always.



thesunsetwarrior asked: "How about Inuyasha in pallet 14 or 12?"









what the home is fuckstuck

what the stuck is homefuck

Fuck the home is whatstuck

Stuck the fuck is homewhat

by dr. seuss



me reading the holy bible

the new testament



me reading the holy bible

the new testament